Just another Salvadorian immigrant..

Born and raised in the streets of San Salvador, now living in NC...UNC graduate, psych major, mid-twenties. hip hop head, gym addict, etc. I follow back everyone.

Se habla español.

salviprince shit is tough out here. We were trying to figure out why they killed him. We figure he was crossing territory from the opposite gang. Esta vez se pasaron :(

Oh and these bastard gangsters killed a mentally challenged kid

Today my cousin picked me up in his truck to help him pick up someone. It turns out we were picking up someone from the sidewalk. This guy, whom my cousin called “Canadiense” is basically dying in the streets of Santa Tecla. We went to pick him up because some lady called the police to kick him out from the sidewalk and throw him somewhere else. When me and my cousin picked him up they were fixing to take him and throw him god knows where. My cousin cursed them out before we picked him up and then we placed him in the truck bed and took him to Parque Daniel Hdez. It was raining pretty hard, so we covered him as best as we could because he cannot move at all. From what I was told he has kidney and liver failure and hasn’t eaten in 20 days because his body cannot digest food/water and has no family to take care of him. He’s probably gonna die alone in the streets in the next few days.


Jiro Kuwata Batmanga #3
"cancheando", como dice la abuela.
sup tumblrs, i’m still alive


Was about to watch a possession movie…but me and demons don’t mix.

Shit scares me too much.

what were you gonna watch? I’ll watch it with you


Sean Price

"Not Told"—Roc Marciano

The most played song in my ipod


We need D batteries for the theme music..

Prodigy feat Cormega | Three