Just another Salvadorian immigrant..

Born and raised in the streets of San Salvador, now living in NC...UNC graduate, psych major, mid-twenties. hip hop head, gym addict, etc. I follow back everyone.

Se habla español.

That Apple stock about to drop like a rock in the next few days


This is one of the most saddest stories I’ve heard about recently.  A 5 year old girl. Beaten senselessly.  Administrators are saying that her injuries are self induced.  I’m sorry. But it would have been a totally different story if she wasn’t of color.  The world is fucked up. She’s 5!

“By being too sensitive I have wasted my life.” 
- Arthur Rimbaud

Yohey Horishita - The Great Gatsby Book Cover

Lucian Freud (British, born Germany 1922-2011), Landscape with Birds, 1940. Oil on canvas, 32.3 x 39.3 cm.